Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reviews of Barrio Bird Walking Tours - San Jose, Costa Rica

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  1. My first time in San Jose, Costa Rica, and I had the good fortune to connect with Barrio Bird Tours before I arrived.

    I arranged a walking tour for the day after my arrival, and was very grateful that I did. It was a small, intimate group and Stacey, our guide, proved to be enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable about her subject.

    She took us all over the city, and introduced us to all the nooks and crannies we´d never have discovered if we´d relied on the usual guidebooks. She really brought the city to life, and gave us an unforgettable introduction to the layout and secret wonders of the city.

    I learned a tremendous amount, and was able to experience the city in its fullness, magnificent churches, spectacular street art, quirky museums and tranquil parks.

    We spent a full morning exploring, walking and learning about the history and character of the city. I´d do it again, and recommend the tour in a heartbeat. Enjoy!

  2. Although I planned on moving through San Jose pretty quickly I slowed down enough to explore a bit. With Stacey's help I was able to discover a city with much to offer including unique art exhibits and an interesting history. With weather much more comfortable than that of the lower regions I had a very pleasant morning walking around the city. I would recommend the tour to anyone staying in the San Jose area.

  3. What a wonderful tour of San Jose you have developed! I learned so much about the history, the people and the architecture of this City on your tours, though I’ve been here for a year and there was much I had not seen or known about San Jose. I highly recommend your walking tours. Can’t wait to go out and about San Jose with Barrio Bird.

  4. Maybe you think San Jose is small and dusty, and maybe you just want to see the volcanoes and the beaches of Costa Rica. I think you should think again. If you want to have a hands-on experience of how San Jose is, without the fuss of tourism agencies and large groups, Stacey is the person you want to call. Not only she knows the history of the place and the people, but she also has lots of insights on where to go, where to shop, what to visit and what not to, and so on. And she even has discounts at local restaurants - you HAVE TO try the Cas, or at least the milk pineapple! The tour is about 1 hour -1.5 hours and actually it's pretty intense, you see a lot of stuff and you walk through various urban lanscapes. Don't miss the wonderful grafittis and the city artwork on some of the buildings. I loved it!


  5. I thoroughly enjoyed my San Jose nightlife tour and downtown San Jose tour. The Barrio Bird tours are an excellent way to learn about the City and its highlights, which are many and vast. Stacy takes pride in her touring skills and truly loves the City. She makes you feel Welcomed to the City and is a great ambassador. San Jose has alot to offer, and I truly appreciated Barrio Bird's tours, which I would take repeatedly and highly recommend as a way to learn about all the City has to offer. Gracias, Mark, NY.

  6. I recently had a tour with Barrio Bird tours and I would have to say, it was one of the best in depth, comprehensive tours I have ever been on. Stacey's breadth of knowledge of the city and culture made the tour that much more enjoyable. Setting up a reservation was easy and smooth and she showed up when indicated in email confirmations. HIGHLY RECOMMEND tour!!
    (City Tour) - Darren

  7. I definitely recomend taking a tour with Barrio Bird!! You won't be let down and Stacey will show you things you would never find on your own. She has been living in San Jose for a while now and is really connected to the culture and life of the city. San Jose is a city full of interesting things that can be easily overlooked if not made known to you by someone who has explored the city and knows her very well. My experience contacting Barrio Bird and setting up a tour was simple and fast. Take a tour! Enjoy!