Gay & Lesbian Travelers


Barrio Bird Walking Tours offers unique travel services for gay and lesbian tourists visiting San Jose, Costa Rica.

Yigüirro Concierge Service
Our Yigüirro Concierge's Service is the one-stop shop for answering questions as simple as what hotels are gay friendly to the more intimate......where can I meet same interest Ticos/Ticas?

Our aim is to provide you with trustworthy information in a private space, where all of your questions can be addressed. Typical questions often concern which places can I meet other gay/lesbian people and which areas are the best to vacation and socialize, as well as events to match your travel dates.

Using the service is easy. Simply purchase the $5 concierge service from our menu, and email your questions to When we have receipt of your purchase we'll respond to your questions within 24 hours. 

Yigüirro Guides
In San Jose, gays and lesbians can travel comfortably compared to other parts of Central America. And, there are a number of venues continually hosting gay/lesbian events. If you want to explore more than the two or three clubs mentioned in your travel guides however, hire one of our guides to take you out for a night on the town, and show you the listed and unlisted San Jose treasures you don't want to miss. 

Pricing is determined based on your requests. Email or call 8926-89267 to book your guide.

The Yigüirro
The Yigüirro is the national bird of Costa Rica. It is best known for it's song delivered right before a rainstorm (of which there are many in the rainy season). It was also slang some time ago for 'gays' in Costa Rica. Even though it was often used as a slur, we want to turn the negative into a positive, and rescue the values of this beautiful songbird by including it proudly in our family of Barrio Bird services.   

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