Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our San Jose Walking Tours

The Bird's Nest: An introductory tour with over 40 stops, showing a variety of galleries, historic sites, parks, and buildings and public art of interest. We'll finish near a few special restaurants, with special tour discounts.

Cost $10 USD, 5,000 Colones, 9:45 am - 12 pm

Fiesta Bird: While any day is a good day to drink, this tour is best enjoyed on a rainy San Jose afternoon, because what else are you going to do? We'll stumble along between 5-8 dive bars, learning history and interesting facts you might not remember the next day. *So far we've only had two groups make it to the end.

Cost $10 USD, 5,000 Colones, Includes one free shot of guaro, Costa Rica's National liquor. 4 pm - 7 pm (Please note, the bars are cheap, but most cash only. Make sure you have cash on hand for beer and a taxi or two).

Professor Bird Specials: More interested in art, less in parks? Order a special 2 hour tour with focus on one of the following; art, churches, flora/fauna, architecture, history. Have a different idea? Let us know and we'll put something together.

Cost $20 USD, $10,000 Colones 9:45 am - 12 pm