Monday, July 19, 2010

Contemporary National Music in Costa Rica

Are you visiting and want to check out some of the most notorious bands, or living here and want to be more connected to music produced nationally? Radio Malpais is a great place to start a search. Broadcasting online at there are constant interviews with artists and what's played is 100% associated with Costa Rica.

Last Sat. was the 3rd anniversary party of the station, and a great concert was held at Latino Rock Cafe....a great venue to start seeing Costa Rican bands. The following are the artists that played, I liked them all and would see any of them again. The night ended with some 'Carnival' dancers & drummers. Fiesta! Photos also included.

Pato Barraza--electric guitarist and vocalist, rock, Costa Rican staple
Bernal Villegas--electric guitarist and vocalist, rock, Costa Rican staple
La Escafandra-- 5 piece rock--this band has certain sounds, rythms, key changes, etc. that I've only heard in Costa Rica, they are young probably all early 20's
CantoAmerica--Latin Fusion, lots of carribean influence, internationally known and respected, a truly great band and a must see while in Costa Rica.

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