Thursday, November 11, 2010

What's New to See in San Jose After the Rain

While the rainy season reached it's height, workers still pushed forward on rehabbing some more downtown architectural delights. In addition another public mural was redone after having been marred with graffitti and political posters. Enjoy the photos.
Mom & Child Mural. Often women are depicted with child at breast here in Costa Rica. 

And the men get to work........

A favorite of many, this house previously had beautiful vines growing all over. Not sure what the future is.

The Center for Costa Rican Film is located here, going from grey to pink. Not sure why the color change, think the only justification is to restore back to it's original color.

A delightful change to this old hotel that was worsening in appearance.  Hoping there will be new hotel use on top floor. Bottom is full of shops.
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