Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mystery Building to Reopen in Barrio Amon

Across from Barrio Bird headquarters sits an architectural mystery for many who pass by. Onlookers everyday stop to peer at the strange outside, wondering what possibly could have existed on the inside. We ourselves have tried to figure out the story behind the building and today we have answer-- and more, we know there is a new future in store.

This home is about 50 years old, and belonged to a Costa Rican woman who studied but did not complete architecture studies in France. She returned and built this ecclectic home. It's last public foray was as a design exhibition. Multiple artists created different environments in each room, making this already labyrinth even more crazy as you wonder from room to room. After sitting empty for years, some of the design elements are still surreally intact.

The building has just been bought by Belgiums and future plans are undisclosed but a hotel is a likely option with restaurant possibilities. This building's renovation will absolutely be an additional cultural anchor in the ever revitalizing Barrio Amon, San Jose.

Take a look inside!

Entire room was purple and silver.

Note all of the curving walls in this room. 

Remnants of design show

Wood beams with red and white walls

Purple wall with giant mirror. This is like stepping into an amusement park.

More of purple wall.

Different room, all black with mirrors on the walls

And mirrors on the ceiling

This room seems like something out of Barcelona.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona???

Aztec 'ish', this house is so crazy!
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  1. How neat! We've always wondered what that building was. Can't wait to see what's in-store for it now.

  2. wow, i want to live there! how beautiful, especially the purple walls.