Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why Take a Walking Tour of San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica is a stop-over for many tourists usually flying in or out of Costa Rica. And while visitors are usually most excited about the beaches and jungles of Costa Rica, they should be excited about a day of urban fun as well, and a walking tour is a great option.

Guide books do a terrible job of reviewing this city. It's not a cultural mecca like London or NYC, but it is a cultural center with many sites to see and activities to do. And the best part is you gain insight into the people and cultural ideals that built the country and persist throughout. San Jose, therefore can answer many questions you'll have along the way as you enjoy your exotic vacation.

I'm biased being the owner of Barrio Bird Walking Tours, but it is my goal to connect tourists and expats to the beauty that is in San Jose. And I want it to be affordable to all. That's why our tours start at $10. If you take a walking tour these are the advantages:

  • Do not have to worry about your safety or getting lost (there are no street addresses)
  • Tours are a max of 8 so you will have an intimate group, be able to hear and ask questions
  • Get advice on how to spend the rest of your day
  • 10% discount on lunch at some of the best restaurants downtown 
  • Contribute to the revitalization of Central America's cultural hub, San Jose

So, if anything, get out of your hotel or hostel and take a knowledgeable walk around San Jose. If you live here, stop avoiding the city and learn where all the attractions are at. Can't wait to meet you!

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  1. Another nice and nature oriented walking tour is at Turubari Park, just 35 miles west from San Jose , ask for the nature guided tour, excellent for bird lovers

  2. Walking tour gives more real view of any place and in San Jose where all the beaches are marvellous so if we are visiting any beach via walk than its a another experience.