Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Felo Garcia: Top Costa Rican Artist on Display, One of My Favorites

This Wednesday is the opening of an exhibit of works by one of Costa Rica's most famous artists, Felo Garcia. Celebrating his career, this special showing at the Bank Museum's temporary exhibit hall, showcases recent works including, 'The Corners of Here and There' and 'Files', Oct. 20 - Nov. 28.

Garcia's story is one of adventure. With some background in architecture, he played soccer in Cuba where he met Manuel de la Cruz and began to take an interest in painting. Continuing onward to play soccer in Columbia he became fascinated with las favelas and began painting with more frequency. He continued formal training in painting in London and held a career as Director of Arquitecture at the University of Costa Rica.

For me, Garcia captures some of the more impoverished scenes we often see in Latin America, pulling out the quaint, quiet beauty of these urban architectural landscapes. This exhibit will be a must see if you are in town, showing many of these scenes, as well as more recent abstract work in black and white with lines.

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