Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bringing Peace to Downtown Chaos via Geometric Abstract Art - San Jose, Costa Rica

One of Costa Rica's most famous artists, Manuel de la Cruz focused his work on geometric abstraction. At the core of this artform was using mathematical calculations as the foundation to create the shapes painted. Cruz's idea was that through use of the golden mean, and an instinctual use of color one could be brought closer to the cosmos, divinty and overall peace by creating visual balance. The Bank Museums have a current exhibition of his work on the bottom floor. This exhibit is very worthwhile as it shows you a window into not just the artform, but the artistic movements in Costa Rica, and English signage is available. 

Additionally, the city recently installed about 12 recreations of his work along Paseo de los Damas. While I found them strange at first, I can now understand that through those pieces, one might find calm and balance amongst the chaos of downtown San Jose. So thanks to the city for investing in these pieces, and no thanks to the graffiti taggers that have already marked all over them.

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