Monday, May 24, 2010

Movie, Art, Music & Theater This Week - San Jose, Costa Rica

Something for everyday, free and almost free!

Free Screening Italian Film - Barrio Escalante, Costa Rica: Monday showcases at the Spanish Cultural Center Y LA NAVE VA directed by Federico Fellini in 1983 will begin at 7 p.m. 

Contemporary Art Museum Opening - San Jose, Costa Rica: Tuesday gives us a new art opening at MADC, Esteban Piedra León. Estudios (2002-2010). Overall exhibition is an assembly of the artist's common themes throughout his work; fundamental elements for agitation and questioning. Room I: Architecture for unuseful, non fertile bodies Room II: Defined, permanent & concave Room III: No, no one else either. This museum is located in the beautiful Old FANAL (old guaro distillary) and the site alone is worth a visit. Opening is at 7 p.m. Runs thru July 13. 

Mozart at the French Alliance - Barrio Amon, Costa Rica: Wed. will offer a free recital by members of  the University of Costa Rica's Orchestra. Performing what some call Mozart's greatest work and written for his wedding, la Gran Serenata para Vientos K361. Begins at 7:30. I recommend an early arrival as this space is an old house and it will probably overfill. Parking is a half block east of the alliance.

Afternoon Guitar Quartet at National Theater: The quartet will be performing a set of songs written in 1886, Spain on Thurs. This is an affordable opportunity to see the theater at only 1,000 colones. 5 - 6 p.m. Admission might be more for non-residents. 

Opening Glenngarry Glenn Ross - Sala Garbo: The Little Theatre Group of Costa Rica opens this Fri. with the real estate scandal show, Glenngarry Glenn Ross. A topic many can relate to in Costa Rica, this one promises to throw a few curve balls. Starts at 7:30, adult language, 4,500 colones. Reserve online