Thursday, May 20, 2010

Women in Music, Las Robertas, Nancy Buchan & Facebook - San Jose, Costa Rica

So I'm a big music freak, and have recently been looking for some female musician role models here in Costa Rica. I love when you send an intention to the universe and it gives you information.

Las Robertas: First, I am very excited to finally see Las Robertas play at one of my favorite downtown lounges, El Steinvorth. I have heard great reviews about these female garage punk rockers. I'll post a full review tomorrow. This show is TONIGHT, at 8 p.m. I am sure there will be a cover but can't find a price. Nice surprise if there isn't! If you miss them tonight they will be at Bar La Mochila on June 3 and Kiosko June 19. La Nacion review posted 5/27

Nancy Buchan: I also took a quick trip to the beach, and had the great luck of getting to see fiddle player, Nancy Buchan twice, once in Dominical where she has regular gigs at the Rum Bar, and in Jaco. We had a BRIEF chat about being a female musician while she was perfecting her craft, and it was good inspiration to persevere. We are lucky to have her talent in Costa Rica. She even gives lessons in San Isidro. She is in several bands here in Costa Rica and it appears she guest plays in a number of others. If you see her name on the agenda for a show here in San Jose a) make sure I know b) make sure you go.

Female Musicians Facebook, Costa Rica: Lastly, there is a new facebook group specifically for female musicians in Costa Rica. The group says the will be sharing news and holding meetings and events. More to come!

I'll continue to report on this topic so if there is anything I should add, musicians I should contact or feature please share.

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