Friday, May 21, 2010

Review: Des Pacio Art Opening & Las Robertas

Des Pacio - Virginia Perez-Ratton: There are a few requirements for a good art opening. a) lots to drink b) fancy/funky artsy folk to admire or laugh at and c) great art. Last night's opening at Des Pacio had plenty of A and B, but I'm struggling with C.

Art isn't always 'pretty pictures' as we saw last night. Sometimes you have to really think and work through the artist's statement. Unfortunately, I'd been doped up on cold meds for 2 days so I didn't feel like thinking. So, if you want pretty pictures I really don't recommend this exhibit. If you want to explore 'a dining table' and the stories of life that surround it, go check it out. With all due respect, Ms. Perez was honored with Costa Rica's highest cultural award, El MAGON last year, so I'm sure there's a message hiding worth taking away.

Las Robertas at El Steinvorth: While I was really excited to see this band and really love the bar, I have to say this is not a good venue for live shows (it's the 3rd I've seen). The sound really travels and it's hard to hear anything over the drumming that bounces off the walls and floor. SO, I'm going to have to wait for another show to give my verdict on the quality of Las Robertas. And, I'm going to stick with the chill lounge nights for visiting El Steinvorth.

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