Wednesday, August 18, 2010

San Jose 2010 - 2014

President Laura Chinchilla, gave her 100 day - and rest of term address/goals presentation this past Mon. night in the National Auditorium at the Children's Museum. Delivered to a packed audience, she reviewed what the goals and priorities are for Costa Rica at large. I'm going to do my best to interpret and predict what that might mean for downtown San Jose.

95% Renewable Energy Use & One of First CO2 Neutral:
Regarding San Jose, one could only hope this relates to cars and use of gasoline. I don't have much background on current fuel usage, but it would be great to see more hybrid/electric cars on the road and maybe a few charging stations. It is stated in her goals to better structure and organize the transportation routes for the greater metropolitan area (GAM). Anyone with more specifics on this topic feel free to write, Additionally, car exhaust testing and regulations would greatly improve the atmosphere in the city if someone didn't have to fight the many fumes from cars, buses and trucks.

In San Jose it seemed the day Chinchilla took office, more officers took foot in the downtown area. Having increased the force just 2 weeks ago with the graduation of 700 officers it seems she can reach the term goal to increase the national police force by 4,000. Unfortunately, the minister of security is asking for thousands more to combat crime in Costa Rica. I have been impressed however, with the forward motion of safety camera installations and increase in numbers of officers walking around downtown. How much it all will help no one knows. Recent incidents such as these two cops under investigation for letting a trannie sell drugs, is a reminder that aspirations and real world don't always connect in the city. Overall, I still say San Jose is a very safe place for non-idiots.

Many of the President's remaining goals speak to education, and connectivity via telecommunications infrastructure and road/rail/air. These goals, in addition to helping unemployment and poverty, will probably be acheived by work outside the GAM. One goal is to have 85% of schools connected to the internet. Overall, the improvements to San Jose will continue to come probably more from a municipal level. Let's get ready for a mayoral election!
% of Investments to each cause, 62% to energy, 12% infrastructure, 10% environment, 10% health, 5% education

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