Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Video of the Real San Jose, Costa Rica

We spend most of our time trying to promote all the good cultural, architectural and historic moments happening in San Jose. But we also have walking tours to help tourists and expats alike see the real gems of San Jose. Attached is a video to give you an idea of this very unique way to see the beauty of the city. If you've been scared or annoyed by it until now, it's the perfect time to change.

San Jose, Costa Rica Walking Tour

Barrio Bird offers walking tours of San Jose. If you are a visitor or have lived here for some time, there is always a new way to see the city. View tours or make a reservation by emailing barriobird@gmail.com or calling 8926-9867.
A humble view of the mountains from Barrio Aranjez, San Jose the urban jungle

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