Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Downtown Historic Hostels Add Culture to Stay in San Jose, Costa Rica

Two hostels have finally risen above the traditional hostel experience in San Jose, amplifying a tourist's experience before and after taking one of our cultural tours. We happily endorse a stay at both, each providing it's unique vibe and distinct advantages for travelers.

Hostel Casa del Parque - Best Savings in Low Season, Heart of Downtown
Hostel Casa del Parque should be your first hostel choice if you want to stay in the heart of the city in a safe place. It is located across from the National Park, providing green views, and is steps away from the Contemporary Art Museum, Congressional District, numerous other parks and historic barrios amon, otoya and escalante. 

The hostel is in one of the last mansions to be built, 1936, from a family working in coffee production. Renovated to accomodate both the individual traveler and groups, this is an affordable location, that eliminates the hassles of driving or using public transporation in the city. A bar has recently been opened, and a cafe is on the way. This location is also across the street from the future visitor center & police substation

Aldea Hostel - Best Location to Airport and Pacific Buses, Artist Hub
Aldea Hostel has opened with a unique hostel concept for San Jose. Set in a victorian style mansion over 80 years old, the hostel has been remodeled for those that want to visually enjoy their surroundings. Old chandeliers hang, lighting large exotic paintings admist zebra striped stairways. As the hostel continues developing it hopes to host music, readings and more cultural events in it's beautiful back patio space. 

This hostel should be a top pick for those travelers arriving late or leaving early to the airport or Pacific Coast destinations. 

We're excited to see both destinations continue to grow and diversify the services they bring to tourists, backpackers and the local community. Buena Suerte!

Private Room at Hostel Casa del Parque

Kitchen Aldea Hostel

Lobby Aldea Hostel
Barrio Bird offers walking tours of San Jose. If you are a visitor or have lived here for some time, there is always a new way to see the city. View tours or make a reservation by emailing barriobird@gmail.com or calling 8926-9867.

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