Thursday, September 2, 2010

Japan meets Costa Rica in a Flurry of Art

Music, dancing and art were wound together, and topped with latin and asian eye candy last night at the opening of  'Zentica'.The Costa Rica Musuem of Art brought the two cultures of Japon and Costa Rica into the same space at Casa del Cuño, at the newly remodeled, La Aduana.

40 pieces, 20 Costa Rican and 20 Japanese, include sculptures, jewelry, paintings, videos and more. It is very interesting to see the differences between the artwork of the two nations. Overall, the Costa Rican pieces seem to work more with pastel colors, blending images, and taboo topics. The Japanese pieces were simple, yet bold, using solid colors, and almost alway integrating or dipicting natural elements such as birds, flowers,  wood, etc. It's all worth checking out yourself. 

Guests were entertained by a number of live art performances. Artist Kazunobu Yanagi, painted while a band played an electric rock/meditation type of chant. Later, 4 women performed live dance as they simultaneously did larger than life oragami folding. 

Costa Rican artist, Fabio Herrara shows us his 'office'. I think this is a great dipiction of San Jose.

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