Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Historic Architecture Renovations; La Aduana & More- San Jose, Costa Rica

The new Aduana, which has had many roles including customs, and minting money, is officially open today to the public as a new 8,800 sq. meter public art space, with almost the same in private use space. Parts of the building have been restored while others have been added with new construction. 

This new facility encompasses, Teatro de La Aduana--home to the national theater company, Casa del Cuño--a new space for cyber arts (tech&art) and possibly a cafe/restaurant on the 2nd floor, and the hall space which can be used for private or public functions, fairs, concerts, etc. Call to obtain events schedule as website has no useful calendar, Teléfono (506) 221 2154. 

In addition, the abandoned building across the street from the famous site of murder of Costa Rica's Chief of Army, Jose Joaquin Tinoco (his execution was the beginning of the end for dictatorships in CR), is under renovation. It will be a mixed used space with residential maybe a new bar or some retail space. Here you can see the beginning exterior paint job.