Friday, April 9, 2010

April 8, Art Openings -- Great Energy in San Jose

International and Costa Rican artists were out in full force last night amongst several exhibit openings. Barrio Bird first took a look at Efraín Méndez's (Costa Rica) 'Quimera' at the French Alliance. Consisting of 8 acyrlic pieces, Mendez explores fantasy, best displayed through children's games. View until the 22nd of April. 

Second stop was to see Ralph Jarvis's (Canadian) work on display at the Sophia Wanamaker Gallery in the Costa Rica-North American Cultural Center. Jarvis's work feature a technique new to me and many others, and is any man's dream---Blow torching. Jarvis focused on nature found between Newfoundland and Costa Rica, with some Peruvian materials throughout. On display until May 3. 

Our final gallery stop was to the Jacob Karpio Gallery. The space is large and full of work from John Juric(Costa Rica) who appears to work with several media and focuses on paint, installations and murals. I really get a creepy vibe from Mr. Karpio, but he put together a great party, with great pieces from this artist. The music was outstanding and I'll be looking to see this artist's work, and the band again. And maybe overtime I'll get to know Mr. Karpio's uncreepy side. 

A great, free way to catch all of these exhibits is to come out for the next Art City Tour, Wed. April, 21. Follow GAM for details. 

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