Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Delicious Asian Food in Downtown San Jose, Costa Rica

The eastern side of downtown offers two exceptional and varied restaurants to satisfy your 'antojos', cravings, for Asian food.

The newest of the two is Wok & Noodles. It's a cozy and peaceful space tucked away in Barrio La California, next to Area City. And while the space is small, it's packed with a number of things that make it lovely. The menu offers a variety of asian fusion plates including soups, salads, dim sum, rice, noodles and more.

I've taken 5 different guests here and each plate has been excellent. I've enjoyed everything off of the Dim Sum menu. Additionally, the owners are planning to open a tea bar in the upstairs space, and the walls are open to artists interested in displaying their works--just contact the owner Roberto for details.

This restaurant accepts credit cards and has wi-fi access. Menu items range from 1,300 c - 5,000 c. 2233.6212

San Jose's classic and famous amongst locals Chinese restaurant, Wong's, is a must for travelers in need of a break from casados. Across from the National Museum, they serve up fresh, flavorful plates late into the night. I have had about 15 different menu items and each melts in my mouth everytime. I cannot dine here though, without having the carne empanadas. I wake up some mornings craving them.

Most plates are 3,000 -5,000 c, but can easily be enough to share. Credit Cards accepted.

I feel that this post is missing some good sushi coverage. Please leave recommendations. Thanks and buen provecho.

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