Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Calm Art, Wild Art - San Jose, Costa Rica

This week also brings visitors and expats alike opportunities to be classy and to get funky. 

The French Alliance has a new exhibit open titled, 'The Beautiful Summer'. Costa Rican artist, José Solórzano. Comprised of 12 pieces the artists created the works between 09-10 concentrating on the idea of recent yet no longer viewed scenery, dissolving into memory. On display until June 10. 

The National Theater continues to bring us 'mini-concerts' on Thurs. afternoons. This is a great, affordable way to see a show in the theater. This week Costa Rican pianist, Juan Pablo Andrado will perform for an hour starting at 5 p.m. He'll be presenting a collection of works by Polish composer Fryderyk Chopin (1810-1849), celebrating 200 years after his birth. Get your tickets early. 1,000 c.

Variedades Theater will open a month-long run of 'The forests of NYX' a play about 10 greek female goddesses come to save modern day problems. This is the second time this show is being performed under the same director, Luis Carlos Vazquez. Opens Fri. June 3 and will be in Spanish at 8:00 p.m. Pricing was not available. 

Legendary guitarist, Richie Kotzen, who has played with Poison and Mr. Big, will be performing at Latino Rock Cafe, Fri. June 4. Sounds like nothing other than a great chance to see a great electric guitarist jam at a great cafe. ROCK ON!! 15,000 colones, 9 p.m.

One of San Jose's crazier galleries, Jacob Karpio is hosting what I anticipate to be a wild Saturday night. Hosting an opening for MTV nominated, Uragyuan artist, DANI UMPI. This artist is mostly known for his music but will also be showing his recent works in visual media. Titled, 'Everything Included', music, art, scenesters, and wine can only lead to 'everything' happening! free, starts at 8:30. 

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