Monday, June 28, 2010

Visual Art - On Display in Downtown San Jose, Costa Rica

There are a number of interesting exhibitions currently on display downtown. Here is a quick list and photos to entice your desire to see more!

Fabio Herrera (Costa Rica) - Pinturas, La Aduana
Jorge Alderete (Argentina)  - Alderete y al Reves, Teoretica
NA - Galeria 1887 - wood carvings
NA - El Steinvorth - Live Painting, visit cafe for completed pieces

Barrio Bird offers walking tours of San Jose. If you are a visitor or have lived here for some time, there is always a new way to see the city. View tours or make a reservation by emailing or calling 8926-9867


  1. any chance we get photo captions with gallery/museum attribution so we go check it out?... or that only available once you fork over the $$$ for tour?... no offense, just trying to understand how this on-line works

  2. @icyeye, No offense taken, the photos are in order, 2 per gallery of the list above them.

    We honestly don't know yet if we will roll the blog into a concierge service, so for the moment we are sharing cultural news without trying to give away our business.

    We do hope readers will be curious about downtown after reading the blog, and enjoy taking a tour so they can know the sites for their own future entertainment.
    Any suggestions are always welcome, Thanks for reading.