Monday, June 28, 2010

More Great Changes at Barrio Bird Walking Tours

Wow, we have been very busy and expanding our services to better accomodate vacation needs for our guests in San Jose, Costa Rica. 

Gay & Lesbian Travelers: Our biggest announcement is our new Yigüirro Concierge Service for gay and lesbian travelers. After seeing the limited information available online, and in the guidebooks, we realized the need for better one-stop answers to address the questions of these travelers for their vacation to San Jose, Costa Rica. 

For only $5, guests can purchase the service from our Paypal menu, and then email with all questions. 

In addition, we also have private Yigüirro Guides available to take gay & lesbian travelers out on the town, so guests don't have to worry about navigating around the city, and can relax and enjoy their vacations to the max.

Online Payments: In our efforts to continue being as convenient as possible, we're happy to announce we can accept online payments for all tour reservations. Simply select the tour of your choice from our menu in the side bar. Happy touring!

Bario Bird Walking Tours

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