Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Female Musicians This Week - San Jose, Costa Rica

So happy to have a line-up of female musicians to see of all varieties this week. Enjoy!

Las Robertas, Bar La Mochila: This garage punk band is comprised of four Costa Rican girls who usually rock out, but will be doing a special acoustic set this Thurs. June 3. The band formed early last year and is becoming a hit here in hipster circles. Show starts at 9:00 p.m. and is gratis (free). The bar is located inside the Costa Rica Backpacker's Hostel, accessed from the back.

The Flying Pigs, Nancy Buchan, Key Largo: My favorite Costa Rican expat fiddle player will be taking the stage with blues band, The Flying Pigs this Sat. at 9 at Key Largo. Unfortunately, the event is at Key Largo. Not exactly the place to feel empowered about being a woman (aka prostitute pick-up joint). There is also supposedly a live web-cam for the creepoids that want to sit at home and watch, so maybe wearing a mask is a good way to best enjoy this show. Also gratis (free).

Leslie Smith, Jazz Cafe Escazu: While this venue is outside of downtown, her appearance is significant enough to include in my women in music segment. This renowned jazz vocalist will be playing out at the beach Fri. and Sat. but will join us in the city for an intimate Sunday evening performance beginning at 7 p.m. Smith was named a cultural ambassador of New Orleans music in 2002, being incorporated into an airport mural. Cost is 10,000 colones.

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  1. Las Robertas is not a hit on the hipster circles .. is a bona fide hit! Even the UK-s The Independent did an article on them! Go and check em out!
    -Marco from Chepestyle