Thursday, June 17, 2010

Downtown Architecture & Urban Planning Update

There are several new and exciting developments to report on downtown. 

Outside Complete: I wrote a few months ago about the building that is across the from La Marinita. The outside is basically complete. This building now really stands out as a must see in downtown. Plans for the building aren't firm, but a possible bar/restaurant might open on the bottom with some residential space on top. 

New Paint: The Girl's School on Ave. 4 has been undergoing much renovation and it appears a new paint job will soon be under way.  This particular corner boasts one of my favorite views in the city on a clear day. You can look down at Iglesia de la Soledad and get beautiful mountain views in all directions. 

Ugly Fence: This historic home sits on Ave. 7. Almost 100 years old, it is of Victorian influence and was built by a Spanish merchant. It's architecture represents much of what was found throughout Barrio Amon in the early 20th century. Unfortunately, a taller gate has been added with razor wire on top for security, really detracting from the original beauty of the home. We'll see what else develops at this home. 

325 New Trees!! I also previously wrote about Barrio Escalante's new Urban Plan. A first step towards completing this plan was the planting of 325 new trees throughout the neighborhood. A variety of species were added to serve as homes to birds and butterflies, provide a variety of color with different blossoms, and to hopefully create the first carbon neutral neighborhood in the country. Is there a carbon neutral neighborhood in your country?? The species of trees planted include; palo verde, árbol de fuego, cortés negro, choreque, roble sabana, guachipelín, dama, manzanita y palmera real. I can't wait to take a new stroll through this neighborhood. Maybe we'll do a plant/architecture tour!
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  1. Wow Stacey great job, love what you're doing! Erik

  2. You make downtown San Jose look good Stacey.

  3. Thanks for the feedback, glad the information is useful!